Hi there and welcome to my blog, I’m Shaan Inder Chopra. I was born and raised in India and I am a Post-Grad in Business Administration.

I always had a knack for Internet stuff and this is not my first blog, I have a few too many.

In college, I got introduced to a lot of different types of liquor. Well, in college we all do, ok some of us. Some don’t drink at all and that’s fine. What I found was that RUM was the best, in my budget and a better evil than the rest of the liquors.

Those days and today, I still have my rum the same way, sometimes with hot water and sometimes with ice. The most iconic way is to make the rum a little sweeter by adding a coke as a mixer. I just fell in love with my rum. Just a reminder that I drink responsibly and I don’t drink and drive and you should too.

I have tried a lot of types of alcohol but rum has a different realm altogether.

This site I am dedicating it to rum and everything about it.

On the personal front, I am fond of Technology, Domains, Stocks, Aquariums, Whisky, Food, and Google Searches. I usually write my thoughts, views and opinions on this blog and my other blogs and whenever I am not here, I am usually busy generating content for my other sites.

I hope you will like what I write!!