What is the best mix for rum?

White or dark rum is absolutely delicious when served as a cocktail. Rum in itself is relatively sweet when compared to other types of alcohol. Mixers used for making rum cocktails are full of sugar and that makes the drink even sweeter and better. I call this type of drink a rum sugar rush.

Usually, people prefer white during the daytime and dark mostly in the evenings. Also have noticed that location plays an important role in deciding on the type of mixer. Cola would be preferred for the mountains and juices for the beaches. But this should not be the case, delicious as it can be rum is an all-season drink.

Due to the enormous selection, people would like to complicate such a simple drink, here I am just going to simplify the top mixers that people prefer with both white and dark rum;


Usually, called a soft drink these notorious liquids can sweeten up your drink and make rum an absolute desire. These have the ability to tingle your taste buds. This is also the most often used as a mixer for all kinds of rum. I’ll tell you what bliss can be, a high glass with 60 ml rum, 150 ml of desired cola and a squeeze of lime. Stir and enjoy your day in paradise. Also, one should be aware cola is high in sugar so if you are looking at the calorie count, it will be high. 


Citrus juices also make the cut in the rum-drinking space. This can be lime, lemon, orange or even grapefruit. These juices create a tasteful rum cocktail. There are thousands of sites that give out recipes for creating one. But the best way is to try it yourself because rum should be had as you like. If you don’t like putting 150 ml of orange juice in your rum pour and only want 90 ml go for that. My absolute bliss when it comes to juices is 30 ml of rum with 60 ml of lemon and water.

A lot of time we can also shift from citrus juices and go on to cranberry or pineapple juices. Although they are not from the citrus family but can make wonderful tales.   


As the winter sinks in rum is gonna be the most favored drink across the globe. One of my favorite hot drinks is toddy. Yes, it is mixed with honey. 60 ml of rum, 15 ml of honey and 200 ml of hot water. If you want to spice it up a little then add a piece of cinnamon and a dash of lime juice. Honey acts as a substitute for sugar and in winter this drink is enjoyable with family or friends.

If you want to have this in the summer time then drop the hot water, add lots of ice and enjoy a refreshing cool spiced drink. 

Sparkling Water

I would like to put all of the flavored or unflavored soda in the same section. Let that be ginger beer, plain club soda, ginger ale or some other flavored soda. All the fizz you want to make your rum enjoyable. These are a few that are absolute delight when mixed with the rum of your choice. My most favored drink is 30 ml of rum with a dash of lime and club soda. When I want to spice it up I often use ginger ale with heavy ice. 

You can also use different spiced rum to match your mood the options are limitless from ginger beer to light beer.


Well, I call this classic old-school, water or juice it up with coconut water. There is nothing like having rum with plain water. Water is always neutral so one is able to get most of the flavors from the rum you are having. These days we often get flavored white rum so adding plain water with ice has no match.

Often we are not in the mood to party at that time rum and plain water are the need of the hour. If you are looking to savoir the taste of your rum this is what I recommend. Also 70 to 80 percent of the time this is what I have at home or with friends outside.

My views on the Mixers

As much as I like the mixers in my drink, I hate when people try to over complicate simple drinks. I have often found recipes that state 34 ml of rum or 88 ml of juice. For heaven’s sake can I have quantity in a whole number? How on earth do you want me to put 34 ml? This is absolute rubbish. 

I have said it before rum is enjoyed how you want to enjoy it

Mixers mix things a lot and when the bust of flavors overpower the flavor of rum things get spiced up. I like it but sometimes there is nothing better than sipping neat on the rocks. So lastly, I would state take a sip if it is as per your taste if not then don’t ever do it again. Now stop reading and go enjoy your drink!!

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