Why is rum so cheap?

This is a very valid question why is rum so cheap, here is my answer “rum is or was never cheap”. A lot of people think that rum is a poor man’s drink and whisky is stylish. That is not true, rum is can burn a hole in your pocket. I also see a lot of articles stating why is rum so cheap and they are also giving an explanation. Which has nothing to do with the rum drinker’s mentality.

Here I give you a task take two people to a bar one a whisky lover and the other a rum lover. Ask them to order their drinks. The whisky person will look at the menu but on the other hand, the rum person will know exactly what he wants.

That simple, a rum person knows what taste he is looking for. Rum is not a difficult confusing drink when one rum hits your taste buds at the right spot. You will always end up with the same drink.

Just because of this mentality people think, there is no ageing the process is faster which is why it’s cheap, and no rum is aged. Here is Black Tot 40 Year Old Rum it will only cost you nearly about $2000.

Just to end this “rum is cheap” thinking here are some of the expensive rum. I am excluding the ones that are rare and limited editions because those are out of reach for a common drinker like me.

Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva Rum

This rum is from a Venezuelan Distillery Established in 1959, situated next to the Andes mountain ranges. Diplomático is known for performing all the processes in the house from planting sugar cane to bottling. Fun fact the sugar cane used in the making of this amazing rum comes from their own backyard which is in an approximately 100 KM radius area. This rum is aged in oak casks for up to twelve years. Now a part of Brown-Forman group which is known for Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey.

Kraken Black Spiced Rum

Huge in marketing and the perfect choice for the winter is Kraken. The base rum is from the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago. It is also said that the based rum is distilled at the Angostura Distillery. The base rum later is blended with secret ingredients to make it even spicier. Kraken is owned by Proximo Spirits the same company that owns Bushmills Irish Whiskey. Fun fact the bottle of Kraken is old styled rum bottle.

El Dorado Aged 12 Years Rum

From the Demerara Distillers in Guyana, El Dorado 12 is a gold medal rum winner at Caribbean Rum Tasting. This rum offers a perfect balance between sweetness and the blow of flavours. This rum is a blend of rums aged at least 12 years. The blend for this rum comes from wooden and metal coffey stills.

Bacardi Diez 10 Years Old

From the house of Bacardi this rum is blend. Barrels backed under the Caribbean sun for at least a 10 year period. This rum comes from Puerto Rico to be precise and this Rum is matured in white oak charred barrels. Diez is a simple sipping rum and taste can only be experienced. Bacardi is known worldwide for its distinctive rum line-up.

Appleton Estate Nassau Valley Casks 21 Year

The Appleton’s 21 year old Jamaican rum. This rum is aged in the tropical climate of Jamaica in the Nassau valley. Rum in Appleton estate is distilled in copper pots as well in column stills. This rum is aged in American white oak bourbon barrels. This rum is an art in the making and one of the finest rums one can have. Also according to Appleton’s records, their first distillation took place in the year 1749.

My Take on the Why Rum is so Cheap?

If you check the prices of the above the range is from $50 (Rs 4000/-) to $200 (Rs 16000/-). That is not cheap plus ageing is also very well present. Rum is an excellent drink and here I have not mentioned the rare editions that go in a couple of thousands. If the price point makes whiskey stylish then here is rum stylish too. But that is not the point here I wanted to tell you that rum drinking or collection can be very expensive.

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