Hello world!

Hello world, this site is dedicated to my favorite drink, by the name you should have figured by now. Yes, I am a big fan of good old delicious RUM. This is the best drink I have come across in the whole alcohol category. Why do I the best in the category? Well, this site is all about that.

I got introduced to this liquor in college, we as a group of friends were always short on money to buy the best whisky so end up buying the best rum. From that time onwards I knew this is a better evil.

Too much alcohol is bad for your health but when kept in check is your best friend. For that saying too much of anything is bad.

As I write about the run journey please drink responsibly and for heaven’s sake don’t drink and drive. As much as I love drinking I hate it when alcohol is in control.

This is the first post so won’t go into detail in one single post, but here I just want to welcome you to the amazing journey in the world of Deluxe Rum. I do have a lot to tell you and a lot to learn and taste.

Let’s just enjoy it sip by sip.


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